Anybody know how to autofit tables that were designed to fit letter size paper 
so they fit within the margins for A4 paper size/within the text frame? I'm 
looking for the most global solution possible.
I have hundreds of tables (just a few table formats/styles) that are outside of 
the margins now that I've changed the paper size from letter to A4. I want the 
tables to proportionately resize ("autofit") to be within the A4 margins.  I 
use FrameMaker 10. I have already resized the paper to A4 and thought the 
tables would resize, but no luck. I've tried to copy special, but that only 
works for single columns. Redefining the table tags hasn't worked either.

I have wasted too much time already addressing individual tables, but I need a 
global solution. I am doing this at the request of an ISO editor, by the way. 
This is for a standard currently in the ISO submission process.

Thanks in advance. I'm going crazy with this!

Marilyn Fausset
Senior Technical Writer
Storage Networking Industry Association

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