Hi all you wonderful Framers!

I have not seen a discussion on this (it may have escaped me), but having
last year jumped from FM7.2 to FM10, I was looking for a way to combine a
Xref format to two elements, namely one empty holding the chapter/section
(not so named) numbering and the other, in a separate line, holding the
chapter/section name.

I did not need this until last week, and ran into the same predicament as
with FM7.x, having to create two different Xrefs.

Today, having some time on my hand, I decided to look into this problem
again, and found out that in FM10 (maybe earlier?) you now have the optioin
of looking for text or number from an additional or different element, so
now I have a format that looks like this:
<Hyperlink><$elemparanum[Kafli]>, <$elemtext><Default ? Font>
Kafli, meaning the empty element holding the chapter number. And
<Hyperlink> is just a Character Format Tag.

I just want to say thanks to the FM developers team for this and all the
other things I still look forward to find. :-)

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