Dear all,
Reading in the conference programme I see this:
Tuesday, November 11: Adobe Systems GmbH:
Sneak Preview of the next FrameMaker Generation
Stephan Gentz / Vivek Kumar

Has anybody heard whether beta-testing has already started? On the website there is no notion of FrameMaker.

I'm eager to know whether at least some of the issues from my long list 
during beta FM-13) have been addressed, for example:
- Will the UI cope with high density monitors?
- Awful dialogue for sorting in table revised?
- German quotation marks no more a "punctuation error"?
- ...
You may look at the full list at

While new fancy features are certainly welcome by many of the (younger) users, 
old problems are overdue to be solved. And generally: a fault such the awful 
mentioned should not happen at all ...
While running my English FM with fmres.dll for the German interface (to check 
Enhanced Tool bars ETB-FM13-de) I noticed that many fields - even constant text 
- are 
to short for the German text. Is this a false observation? Unfortunately the 
dialogues in owlres.dll can not be checked without a complete FM-installation. 

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