Hi, all.
   I've just imported a ~150 topic help file into FrameMaker. Each topic
   is a separate .fm file (usually short) that starts with a Heading 1.
   I'd like to divide those .fm files into chapter segments, insert a
   chapter-title .fm at appropriate points, and print the resulting book
   file like a regular book. The TOC organization and file lengths look
   like this:
   Ch_01_Overview of the Thing.fm
      imported .fm file 1, (1.2 pages long)
      imported .fm file 2, (1.5 pages long)
      imported .fm file 3, (3.1 pages long)
      imported .fm file 4, (1.2 pages long)
      imported .fm file 5, (3.1 pages long)
      imported .fm file 6, (0.7 pages long)
      imported .fm file 7, (1 pages long)
      imported .fm file 8, (0.2 pages long)
      imported .fm file 9, (4.2 pages long)
      imported .fm file 10, (0.9 pages long)

   I want each chapter to start on a new page, but I want all the .fm
   files within the chapter to print after each other continuously with no
   page breaks between them.
   Is that possible? Or do I need to move the content of the imported .fm
   file into the Chapter .fm file and just have one large .fm file per

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