it appears Groups or Folders are my best bet.

Just be sure to choose carefully. I was just looking at the Help for this yesterday, and here's an extract, for FrameMaker 2015:

You can create groups in a book file. Like folders, groups are also logical containers in a book file; they do not exist on the disk. The difference between a group and a folder is that a group does not change the hierarchy of the files within it. Also you cannot set up numbering styles for a group.

For example, the chapter number increments sequentially if the chapter is in a group. For files organized under a folder, the chapter number remains the same but the section number can increment sequentially. You cannot explicitly change the chapter number for files in a folder as the files inherit
this property from the folder.

And right after the Folders and Groups info, there's info for "Add a child book", which might also serve complex numbering requirements. But probably they'd not handle the continuous printing requirements you need. Just completing the list of related multi-file mechanisms.


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