Alas, neither a Group nor a Folder does what I need. I put three files into a Group, selected it, and printed it. I did the same with a Folder. In both cases, the three files printed, but each started on a separate page.

Ah, yes, this seems similar to a question I posted about a month ago, "concatenate a book folder's files without pagination ?"

Rick Quatro replied offlist offering his help, but I never followed up :-(. (My question was because I was playing around with various FrameMaker features as part of preparing for that "structured best practices for unstructured tools" presentation, and so I didn't actually have to solve the problem. But I do plan to get back to it, if I continue working in FrameMaker for the doc set in question. Tools might be changing, so it's not worth investing in improvements to the docs/files/structure just yet.)



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