The only time FrameMaker did not work well was when I imported a multiterm 
database export file (as xml via structured application). 
I had to split up the original xml into 3 parts, and although this was only 
text, it took FrameMaker more than one hour to open one of the parts (as the 
resulting file had several thousand pages). So, although it was fun to set up 
the application and the DTD for it, I had to give up the idea of using 
FrameMaker for editing this file... 

Best regards -- Tino H. Haida 

Hi Tino,

A good solution may have been to use XSLT to split the xml into separate 
FrameMaker documents so that you didn't have to deal with such a large file. 
Perhaps you could split on each letter of the alphabet. If you need any XSLT 
help, please let me know. Thank you.

Best regards,

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.


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