Here's an annoyance where two "things" on my computer simply can't get along 
and I wonder if anyone here has any suggestions on how to stop this from 

While my two coworkers use Windows 7, my own office platform is still chugging 
along nicely with Windows XP. This is because in the past, we had problematic 
FrameMaker files that crashed while being opened in Windows 7, but they opened 
smoothly on my platform. We all use FrameMaker 11 and all of our files are on a 
network drive. (We have never been able to figure out why they opened on my 
platform but not the others. And my company refuses to spend the few bucks on 
upgrading my operating system, a la "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.")

Anyway, when we create a new FM book based on a previous one, we copy the 
pertinent old FM folder (along with its subordinate Insets folder of the 
various images) to a new location on our network drive.

Because the default name of the graphics folder is "Insets", and I don't want 
the new FM file to reference the old Insets folder, I try to rename that old 
one something else ("Insets - Temp" or whatever) until I have successfully 
opened the new FM file to correctly reference the new Insets folder at the new 

Confused yet? I hope not. Anyway . . .

More often than not, when I try to rename the old Insets folder, I get a pop-up 
box stating that no renaming can be done because another program is using this 
folder -- but it really ain't. 

I will close out every open program, re-open Windows Explorer and then once 
more try to rename the old Insets folder, but keep getting that nagging pop-up 
about another program using this folder.

The final action is close out everything and do a system restart. That always 
works but it's a pain in the ass.

Isn't there a keyboard shortcut or something else I can do to prevent this 
waste of my time (which obviously slows my productivity)?

-- Ken in Atlanta

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