Is your TOC file really a live TOC?
How did you add this file to the book file?
A live TOC must be added via "Add | Create Standalone TOC".
Then you get the dialog to set up the table of contents.
You can access this dialog also when you select the TOC file in the book
and click "Edit | Set Up Table of Contents".

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User:  Struggling newbie, relatively speaking. Frankly almost ready to
dump this project and try MS Word instead.

I'm at the end of a very long rope. I have a 48-chapter book. Each
chapter, on their own, appears to be well-formatted with consistent
paragraph and character formats. Yet when I go to update the book to
hopefully generate a TOC, there are no entries in the Generate and Don't
Generate windows.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case?

TIA for any suggestions.


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