Oh, dear. I think I've misled you.

Both FM files are in the same book, which is turned into a single PDF file.
Everything is internal to that PDF file. I have done it before, I'd simply
forgotten I had to do this down on the server.

It's been a stressful couple of weeks, and my brain went to la-la land.

On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 4:05 PM, Scott Prentice <s...@leximation.com> wrote:

> Linking an xref (of fm-xref) to a target in a FM file will never result in
> the link going to a PDF file that's generated from that FM file. The only
> way for an xref to link to a PDF is to use an external xref, and set the
> @href attribute to the file name of the target PDF file (assuming the
> target PDF is in the same folder as the PDF that you're linking from). Even
> then I'm not sure it'll work, but in theory it should. If you want to link
> to a target within a PDF, you'll need to add the necessary coding to the
> @href attribute that will make that happen. Off hand I'm not sure what that
> coding is, but in theory it's possible .. I think.
> The problem with linking to the source FM file, is that it won't know what
> the yet-to-be-created PDF file name is, and that's really what you need ..
> the PDF links to a PDF, not to a FM file.
> To create an external xref, insert an "xref" (not an fm-xref), and choose
> the "External" button from that dialog. This will let you specify the href
> (either a path/filename or a URL to the PDF file), the link text, and the
> scope (choose "external"). This should set the @format attribute to "pdf".
> When you generate the book (and then the PDF) from the ditamap, if the
> resulting PDF is placed in the same folder as the linked PDF, the link in
> the "DITA" PDF should open the target "FM" PDF. Be sure to select the
> "Convert xrefs to Hyperlinks" in the Book Build Options dialog when
> generating the book from the ditamap in FMx.
> I hope that helps.
> ...scott
> On 11/22/16 12:15 PM, Lin Sims wrote:
> I don't care if it works in Frame, as long as it works in the PDF!
> And I suspect part of the problem is, as I said, because I was not working
> in the fully structured environment we maintain on our server. FM2016 is
> set to the structured interface on my personal laptop (we all have it that
> way), but without the EDD/DTD, I couldn't get anything meaningful in the
> elements list. Once I used the server-installation of FM, I was able to add
> an fm-xref, which is I think an internal definition(? or yours, I forget
> which) that allows us to refer to paragraph tags as well as elements for
> xrefs.
> With luck, FM2015 will be installed on the server soon, and things will do
> what I want them to do.
> On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 2:37 PM, Scott Prentice <s...@leximation.com>
> wrote:
>> FYI .. no, not possible (in a meaningful way) to create an xref from a
>> DITA file to an unstructured FM file. In theory you could create an
>> "external" xref to the FM file, but the best you could hope for would be
>> that it would open the FM file in FM when the link was clicked (and likely
>> that wouldn't even work).
>> ...scott
>> On 11/22/16 10:48 AM, Lin Sims wrote:
>>> Never mind, figured out that (part of the problem) is that I was working
>>> with my local version of Frame, that has no links to an EDD/DTD. The
>>> server
>>> version (which does) works fine.
>>> Now to get the tools guy to upgrade the server from FM12 to FM2015, so I
>>> don't have to save down for everything.
>>> On Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 1:33 PM, Lin Sims <ljsims...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Is this even possible? I've got both files open, but when I try to insert
>>>> an xref, I only get the DITA menu and it won't let me select anything
>>>> but
>>>> elements. Which the other file doesn't have, of course, it not being
>>>> DITA/xml.
>>>> I tried to email Scott directly, but I got a bounce, so I obviously have
>>>> the wrong address.
>>>> --
>>>> Lin Sims
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