Hello, Framers!We have several guides in FramerMaker 12 that have the issue 
where a cross-reference doesn't go to the target destination. It goes to a 
completely different location in tje file. We notice it when we generate a PDF 
of the guide, so we thought it was an error from the PDF product (Nitro). Not 
only does the cross-reference link not behave correctly, but the PDF bookmark 
goes to the wrong location. We have been able to manually remove the bookmark 
and links and replace them. Our users view them in Reader. We discovered that 
the problem in definitely in FM, when we generated a standalone TOC from the 
file--the hyperlinks for those paragraphs also go to the wrong location in the 
FrameMaker file!!I read the recent discussion about a related issue, where the 
source of the problem was due to extra spaces in the heading. We do have two 
spaces in numbering of all of our headings. But, we have problem with only one 
or two headings in the files.  And, not all the guides have the problem. I know 
I tried saving as MIF without any change. I have tried cutting and pasting as 
plain text the true target and the wrong target, and then reapplying the 
paragraph tag. Occasionally, this works, but the the wrong target just moves to 
a different location!And, just whe we thought the problem was isolated to the 
set of files, another guide turned up the same problem!! And that one has an 
empty section as the wrong target! There's no paragraph to fix. The link goes 
to the space after the last paragraph and before the heading that starts at the 
top. Has anyone had and successfully resolved an issue like this?Our guides are 
sensitive and confidential, so I cannot provide example, as far as I know. 
Thank you in advance for any suggestions. 
    ~Cecily BeierleMinneapolis, Minnesota


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