For what it's worth, here's my personal endorsement of Belarc Advisor, the free 
program that tells you just about everything on your computer.

In my case, I continued running a Windows XP platform as ordered by my 
superiors because, for whatever reason, some FrameMaker files created by my 
coworkers in Windows 7, just wouldn't reopen but I could open them on my 
platform -- all of us running FrameMaker 11. Like they say, "Go figure."

So it was only last week when I was switched over to a Windows 7 platform. This 
included copying my legally purchased Adobe Illustrator CS4 file folder to its 
equivalent location from the old terminal to the new one. But AI wouldn't open, 
citing problems locating licensing data. And to make matters worse, the 
previous IT guy here is long-gone and had apparently disposed of the original 
CD from Adobe which, of course, has the serial number.

I have the original invoice from the third-party vendor and even talked with 
the guy, but he, of course, had not recorded my serial number (from its April 
2010 purchase date). And Adobe has no record of the program being actually 
Hey! I was just a tech writer here and had no say in how things like this were 
After various chat sessions last week with Adobe tech support in New Dehli and 
even a phone call to corporate in California with no results or sympathy, my 
new IT guy used Belarc Advisor on the old platform this morning and it provided 
the AI product key (serial number).

A new (and long) chat session followed with a different (and apparently more 
patient) Adobe tech support rep. The result was me being able to download the 
replacement AI CS4 files and his waiting online while I did the installation on 
my Windows 7 platform.

And yes, I made sure that this time, it IS registered and I'm keep the install 
files and serial number in a secured location.

In this case, thanks to Adobe for finally coming through and to Belarc for 
their life-saving product. (Oh, and if at all possible, either make a copy of 
or don't release any original installation disks.)

-- Ken in Atlanta

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