During the last week, I've gotten good responses, both on-list and off-list, to my request for comments about changing Framers' default Reply-To behavior from Reply to Poster to Reply to List. Thank you all so much for being involved in this decision.

By a majority of two to one, respondents would rather have messages automatically reply to list.

Therefore, I plan to change the default reply-to setting for this group to Reply to List. I will initiate this change on FEBRUARY 12 and we'll see how it goes. Hopefully no one is emailing content that they'd be embarrassed by, regardless of who receives it. Slow down and don't be so quick to hit Send. Anytime you're sending an email of substance, take a minute to make sure that it says what you want it to and that it's addressed to the person or group you want to read it. In a world of instant communication, old-fashioned proofreading is the most powerful weapon you have against embarrassing emails.

And please don't be put off by the idea of sharing your email with the entire group. This is an extremely friendly bunch of people who do not bash posters they disagree with. We have very informative discussions on the pros and cons of a lot of ideas and solutions.

I'm excited at the idea of having more posts shared with the group that were previously, either intentionally or accidentally, sent only to the original poster. After all, the purpose of this group is to share information.

Carol Elkins
List Mom


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