At 05:13 PM 2/3/2017, Syed Zaeem Hosain wrote:
Lin Sims said:
> ... and if you stop paying the subscription, you will not be able to open or edit your files in Frame anymore. And right there is the reason for why subscription purchases simply cannot be a good idea! IMHO.

Agreed. I was badly caught by not know this when I cancelled my CC subscription a few years ago. My licensed versions of Photoshop and Illustrator didn't care that the files were created in a newer version (other than alerting me to possible consequences) and opened them just fine. However, none of my InDesign files would open in my older licensed version. I was (at the time) able to find an online service that would convert, for free, the files to a format that I COULD open, but it was a laborious and irritating waste of time. (Plus Rick Q generously helped me out with files that I caught after the free service shut down.) How much effort would it have cost Adobe to make it abundantly clear that there was no backward compatibility to the files created with CC? It would not have taken me long to open each of my InDesign files while my subscription was still working and downsave them.



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