I recently purchased FM 2017 for myself at home, and was most displeased to
see that the menu icons had been returned to the "corporate standard" of
tiny and faded, so that they are difficult to distinguish. This is causing
me some eye strain, and I'm not at all happy about it.

I've put in an official feature request with Adobe, and I'm hoping at least
some of you agree with me and would be willing to vote for the request.

I am told that the complaints of the pre-release participants on this
subject were "dismissed and belittled"; perhaps if more users let Adobe
know that this is a real issue they'll listen this time. Frankly, I don't
understand why they didn't listen to the testers who complained. It seems
like poor customer service to me.

Here's a link to the request if you want to vote on it.


Lin Sims

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