Does Frame have a limit on how long the expression can be? I know from
annoying experience that it has a limit on how many nested levels you can
have. Are there any other gotchas that I should be aware of?

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The rest of this email is background info to give y'all an idea of what I'm
dealing with. Feel free to skip it unless you would like to provide some
sympathy or are maybe a conditional expression guru and can offer some

I've currently got 14 different condition tags in a book, of which 3 are
never seen publicly and are easy to deal with in the expression, 1 is used
to indicate information that is under review for inclusion, and the other
10 overlap in various weird ways and took me, no lie, a week of
experimentation to write 8 separate condition expressions to correctly
generate the 8 different books being output from this set of files. (NB:
There are 2 IPs. One currently has 3 versions, the other only has 1 but
will likely have more soon, so I've already created tags to account for

They now want me to add another condition, which will actually wind up
being as more than that since this is another IP with an unknown number of
versions. (Hell, it's entirely possible the other two IPs will wind up with
more versions than I've created tags for already, too.)

I think I've worked out the how of adding the various "or" and "and not"
expressions in, but I'm worried about any limits to Frame's capabilities
here. Currently, my two longest expressions are 270 characters long, and
I've managed so far to keep the parenthetical expressions to only 2 levels.

Below is one of the long expressions I'm talking about. If anyone has
suggestions for making it more elegant, that'd be nice, too. (DocIss,
NoSeeEm, and WriterNote are the ones never seen by anyone other than the
developers and internal reviewers. TBP is the one for information under
review, and is sometimes combined with one or more of the other conditions
depending on which book the information is slated for. This thing is a

not ( "DocIss" or "Internal" or "LP" or "LPvA" or "LPvB" or "LPvC" or "NoSeeEm"
or "SAS4vB" or "SAS4vC" or "TBP" or "WriterNote" ) or ( "SAS4" and ( "LPvB" or
"LPvC" ) ) and not ("TBP" or "Internal") or ( "SAS4vA" and ( "LPvB" or "LPvC"
) ) and not ("TBP" or "Internal")


Lin Sims

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