Hi Austin,

Which file format do you use for your images?
Are all image formats blurry now?
Do you get this effect with all files with such images?
Do you use RGB or CMYK?
What happens, if you select the other colour mode?
Do you know, if also other users with this Acrobat update
get PDFs with blurry images?
When was this upgrade installed?

Best regards


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   Here's a warning for users of "Save as PDF" -- Adobe has just
   "upgraded" Acrobat Pro DC to 2017.009.20058 and this has rendered the
   images it generates unusably blurry. I am dead in the water, unable to
   render my FM files into PDFs and thus update my online PDFs at
 . Check this out and, if your new generated
   images have likewise been rendered unusably blurry, please protest. I
   have myself attempted to protest to Adobe, but since my subscription to
   Acrobat is an institutional subscription by way of a university, I do
   not have a personal registration number to offer and therefore there is
   no way for me to get past their "qualifications" people in India, to
   inform the Adobe technical team about this new glitch.




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