Problem solved, the images generated when I "Save as PDF" in FM to
   Adobe Acrobat Pro are *no longer unbearably fuzzy.*

   Here's what I think the problem was. Adobe issued a software update to
   Acrobat Pro last week, and before they issued it of course they tested
   it. And of course when they went to test it, they set the images
   temporarily to "downsample=YES" because it wasn't images they were
   testing for, and they didn't want to wait to render clear images. But
   then when they released the software update, they *forgot to reset the
   parameters file* to "downsample-NO".

   So, their software update last week overrode all my default image
   settings in my local parameters file, resetting them to
   "downsample=YES." This week, when I went to save a new file with "Save
   as PDF" and set my PDF Job Options for that job as usual to "High
   Quality Print," this setting was instantly overridden by Adobe's last
   week software update's new downsample-YES default.

   The bottom line is, if you experience this problem, simply reset your
   local parameters file for Acrobat to "downsample=NO."

   (And never trust anything with moving parts.)

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