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> Sounds like "Margaritaville." Enjoy!
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> Not quite, more of a earthquake zone than that. But the views available on
> a clear day of the four volcanoes hereabouts can be pretty stunning.

​It only takes one. In 1989, a few days before I was to start a new job
near Oakland, CA, I was swimming in my pool in San Jose, when the Loma
Prieta earthquake, centered about 10 miles away, sloshed lots of water and
me pretty good!​ From then on, my commute was rerouted around the collapsed
highway section 50 miles distant, a few blocks away from my new employer.

A few years later, while attending a Structured FM-SGML Developer's class
on the 8th floor of Adobe's corporate HQ, a (what us Californians would
call "small") quake shook us. Some students who had come long distances
from places in the country where quakes are only "on the news," were
genuinely agitated. The solution was to bring in the refreshment cart and
take a break. Then, getting back to class materials, the instructor put up
the next unit, which began with the familiar FM training curriculum
article, "The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake!" Arrgh! Calm went out the
window for a few extra beats. (Maybe margaritas then would have helped.)

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