In FM7, FrameMaker.exe accepted command-line arguments, I used them to
write scripts at an old job. There were license limitations on using
that to run builds on a server, you were supposed to buy FrameMaker
Server to do that.

On Thu, Aug 3, 2017 at 9:13 AM, Peter Gold <> wrote:
> ... in the olden days of wood-fired UNIX FM, we'd pass filenames on the 
> command
> line that invoked FM and opened the specified files. So, I searched Google
> with "command line options to open framemaker with specified file" (sans
> quotes) and found some interesting stuff. This one caught my eye:
> Here's the kernel, on p22: Specifying a File to Open on Start-Up
> Command-line options allow you to specify a file to open automatically when
> FrameViewer starts.
> I don't know if Windows FM accepts command line modifications. ...

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