Only a comment to the Previous/Next View buttons.
Acrobat does have them.
To show them click View | Show/Hide | Toolbar Items |
Show Page Navigation Tools. Then click Previous View and
Next View.

However, I agree that almost no-one will know these buttons.
None of my colleagues has changed the configuration to Show.

Best regards


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   I forgot to mention that there's a pretty rough usability issue with
   hotspot linking to an embedded PDF: Unless you define it so that it
   opens in a new tab or Acrobat/Reader window (if a PDF) then the only
   way a user can navigate 'back' is with Alt+Left Arrow. I cannot find
   any way to add a "Back" and "Forward" button to the toolbar (and end
   users likely wouldn't either, if such toolbar buttons are not visible
   by default!).

   Oh, and the Alt+Left Arrow only works in Acrobat, not Reader. (Seems
   Reader will open in a new tab, so not so bad...)

   Of course, any attachments that open in other applications will
   generate new windows, between which a user could easily navigate.



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   Perhaps you could make your icons where you want them in FM with the
   intention of *attaching* the (non-FM, non-PDF) files to the PDF
   post-distillation. If you can figure out how a PDF attachment can be
   referenced with a relative path--or, perhaps, as an anchor, like one
   would do to have a URL call for a specific heading in the PDF?--then
   you could have the FM URL 'point' to where the PDF attachments will
   eventually 'live' in the final PDF. (Extra points if you can make the
   FM icons+links Reference Page elements, for consistent reuse and
   file-size efficiency!)
   Sorry I cannot offer exact steps; I offer a map not a guidebook. :^)
   EDIT: OK, it was not hard to find the first steps; refer to "Link to a
   file attachment" on this page:
   Screenshot here:
   That takes the perspective of creating the link hotspot in Acrobat; but
   that's just something you'd do once, pre-production, to get the URL for
   use in an FM gotolink marker. As to HOW you'd see the underlying URL
   for the (testing-use) hotspot, I have no idea. There must be some tool
   that 'decompiles' a PDF so you can see the 'raw code' behind a link
   hotspot, surely...? Alternately, if you have a relative few 'icons' in
   the FM to link, you can make one hotspot per icon-PDF attachment
   pairing and copy & paste them into place. Tedious, perhaps... but then
   again, so is making an active PDF Form from FM without PDF TimeSavers!
   Let us know what you resolve!

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   From: John Posada <[4]jposad...@gmail.com>
   Date: Wed, August 02, 2017 10:29 am
   In this case, I didn't want to do a link of any type because where
   types of files are kept is in a secure location and people won't get
   though these particular files are not restricted access due to
   approval. I wanted them carried along in and with the PDF to not worry
   about access permissions.


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