We just moved from Frame 12 to 2017.  Discovered an odd thing last week when 
outputting books to PDF.  Our paragraph styles for table and figure names use 
numbering, and a character format that applies "overline" in the style.  All 
looks fine in Framemaker, but when you output to PDF, there is apparently you 
get two pixels that show over the text that follows the auto numbering.  Never 
had this issue in Frame 12 output, and submitted a bug to Adobe but who knows 
what will happen with that.

Also, been searching high and low with little success on how to output 
Responsive HTML5 output that defaults to a launch page other than "index.html" 
OR how to change that name and keep the help functioning (even searched the 
code files in output for any reference but was unable to find anything).  In an 
ideal world we would be able to have engineers update help file links to that, 
but it's not an ideal world and for some reasons we do need to support 
different "launch" files for the same projects.  Anyone know if this can be 


-        V

Victoria J. Wroblewski
Technical Writer
NEC Enterprise Communication Technologies, Inc.


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