Hi Ed, 

Is there a frame inserted below the paragraph (Advanced settings)? 

Typically this frame should contain a line as object to produce an
underline in the layout. 
(The frame is defined on the Reference pages.) 
If this successfully applies to all chapters, the definition on the TOC
page should be checked. You may keep (and resize) or delete the frame
resp. change the paragraph setting. 

If this is not the scenario in your case, I do not know... 

Best regards -- Tino H. Haida, Berlin

Ed Lightle:

> Hi, Framers.
> When I add a TOC page to a book and try to add a Heading1 paragraph style at 
> the top, there is almost 2 inches of space between the Heading1 paragraph and 
> the first Heading1TOC entry. The Heading1 is also missing the underline that 
> other Heading1 styles have.
> How can I fix the spacing problem?
> Thanks,
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