Hello All,

I have a FrameMaker (2017 Version: book with about 24 
sections/chapters and roughly 100 or so tables throughout.  Some of the tables 
have shading (i.e. blue header rows) and some have no shading at all.  When I 
convert the book to Responsive HTML5, the blue color seems to "bleed" into 
other columns and rows even in tables that have no shading at all.  If I output 
each file individually to Responsive HTML5, there are no problems.  The "bleed" 
issue only seems to happen when I build the book and output the whole book 
file.  Under "Style Mapping" I have the tables set to [Use Source Style].  If I 
map the Frame tables to a corresponding Responsive HTML5 style, I'm assuming 
I'll lose my Frame formatting, which I would like to avoid.

I've used FrameMaker before, but this is my first time outputting to Responsive 
HTML5, so any information would be great.


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