FrameMaker uses the backslash character in dialogs for specifying special characters, such as \D equates to a double dagger symbol. To avoid this, you will need to double up the backslashes, thus:

FrameMaker historically had multi-platform support, and so all path names in FrameMaker can be specified using forward slashes, for example:

You may want to consider NOT referencing file content, as some browsers - Internet Explorer and Google Chrome - can get picky, and fail to display content.  Additionally, spaces and 'extended' characters in path names can also cause trouble.

I hope this helps.
// Simon BUCH

On 06/10/2017 14:26, wrote:
Hi  Guys…something odd.

In the Hypertext dialog box with command Go to URL, I enter

message URL File:///\\\xx\CORP\MANY\DEPTDATA\xxxx\xxx_Reference.pdf

When I click the button, it converts to:

message URL File:///\\\xx\CORP\smANY‡EPTDATA\xxxx\xxx_Reference.pdf

What’s with …CORP\smANY‡EPTDATA… and how do I prevent it from altering what I’m 


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