This is an "anyone found a better workaround?" question.

I know this sounds strange to those who haven't experienced it yet, but a 
Microsoft security update (KB4034679) in the last few months causes big 
problems for my left-placed auxiliary monitor.   It renders all three of my 
image editors (PaintShop Pro, Snagit, and GIMP) almost useless in one monitor 
only by garbling images, misrepresenting clipboard content pasted into the 
editor, and refusing to refresh images properly.  Image screens on my left 
auxiliary monitor (my desk monitor) don't refresh properly and if I drag them 
around they display skid marks reminiscent of something you might see on the 
Road Runner cartoon (beep beep beep beep).  It also causes "Image Not Found" 
errors followed by crashes in FrameMaker-all when the referenced image in 
question is correctly present.  If I perform the same actions with the same 
programs on my right-hand primary monitor (my laptop), there is no problem 

Here is a link by someone who has documented the problem well:

I have proven that the problem goes away when KB4034679 update is removed from 
my laptop, but since it is a security-based Microsoft update, my corporate IT 
wanted me to reinstall the update-also successfully restoring the problem to my 
system.  :<

Apparently this graphics-rendering problem affects only monitors having 
"negative screen coordinates"-as an external #2 monitor located to the left of 
the primary #1  monitor does.  I just tested changing my Windows screen setup 
to have the #1 laptop on the left and the #2 desk monitor on the right-and the 
#2 monitor showed no graphics problem. But I would prefer not to have Microsoft 
determine how my desk is arranged.

Might anyone know a less-silly workaround or fix for this problem?

Thanks for your time,

Kevin Ryan


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Kevin Ryan
Technical Writer, Research & Development
P: 802-865-1170x82412
F: 802-865-1171


426 Industrial Avenue Suite 140
Williston, Vermont

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