I have time for experiments ...

   I have set up an FM-14 document with text features introduced in
   various versions.

   Then I saved to an older FM-version using my script [1]Save FM document
   or book in older version

   I wanted to be certain whether the user gets strange messages when
   he/she opens the saved document in the older FM version.

   It turns out that everything works silently - there are no messages in
   the console log and no open messages.

   There seem to be a magic tag on these features for FM to be able to
   strip them out when saving to an older version. I assume this, because
   the file sizes differ:

   Original FM-14      73'728

   saved as FM-10      67'584

   saved as FM-09      68'608

   Until now I assumed that the "save as old" process just saves and
   indicates an old version and only the open process in the old
   FM-version skips unknown stuff - as it done with the MIFs.

   Is this a completely wrong assumption/interpretation of the process?

   If my findings are solid: It should be easy for Adobe to allow "Save as
   old" down to FM-8 similar to my script (Thats the Unidoce 'border').

   What is (might be) the reason to just save 'down' one version?

   The features in my FM-14 test file


      System variables


      Character background

      Poster for rich media


      Line numbers


      Paragraph property background

      QR code

      MathFlow from Desing Science



      RTL Languages

      Conditionalised table columns

      Solid fill in table shading


      Nothing in this area


   Klaus Daube             Phone:  +41-44-381 37 77

   Schäracher 11           Mail:   kl...@daube.ch

   CH-8053 Zürich          Web:    www.daube.ch


   1. file:///tmp/www.daube.ch/docu/fmaker73.html

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