Hello Shmuel,

   I had reported this with FM-11 and it was considered duplicate at that

   This bug re-appeared several times:

   Bug 2959372 during beta testing FM-11: Sub dialogue not working:

   File > Preferences > Interface: Autocollaps Iconic Panels

   ON is my preferred setting to dismiss the pods automatically.

   There is however a severe drawback of this method: If the pod

   opens an additional dialogue for entry of values, then the pod

   closes and the entry in the subdialogue is lost.

   1 Open the paragraph designer with CTRL+m 2).

   2 Either you are already in the Basic pane with the New Tab

     Stop item selected – or you naviguate to this situation.

   3 ENTER does nothing – one needs to move the mouse and

     click on the item (although it appears to be selected).

   4 Edit Tab Stop dialogue opens.

   5 As soon as I start typing in this dialogue, the pod dialogue


   6 After entering data in Edit Tab Stop and invoking Continue

     (click or ENTER) the dilaogue closes.

   7 Opening the pargraph designer again does not display the

     newly set TAB stop.

   In FM-10 the underlying problem ( 2742006 - Sub dialogue is not
   accessible with

   "Autocollapse Iconic Panels") was 'resolved' as Deferred...

   FRMAKER-2031  [not me] Tab stops can not be modified:

   => Fixed in

   => re-appears in

   => fixed in

   So hopefully "new features" will not revive this fault perpetually.



   Klaus Daube             Phone:  +41-44-381 37 77

   Schäracher 11           Mail:   kl...@daube.ch

   CH-8053 Zürich          Web:    www.daube.ch

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