Not that I have come across--unless I'm missing something obvious. 

While I appreciate the new Word import feature (it has been in InDesign for
some time), it works best if one is working with experienced Word users who
know how to use styles properly. That is not always the case. 

The problem is when the Word file comes in with a bunch of unwanted styles
(sometimes not even used in the document). Granted, one could import those
styles and rename & reformat them or map them to existing styles, but that
isn't how I like to work in many cases. A simple solution is for Adobe put
back in an option to import as plain text (like the previous import dialog
used to have). 

Option 1: a working "solution" is to open Word and copy the text. In
FrameMaker, use the Paste Special menu and choose text. 
Option 2: save the Word file as text and import.
Option 3: go with the flow and map the Word styles to Frame styles, but that
works best if all writers use styles consistently.

David Creamer
IDEAS Training
FrameMaker training since 1991

From: Pat Christenson <[1]>
   If you're importing a Word document into FrameMaker 2017, is there a
   way to disable the feature that adds unmapped formats to the FrameMaker
   paragraph, character, and table catalogs?
   Pat Christenson
   Senior Technical Writer, Client Education
   Morningstar, Inc.


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