Friends of good user interfaces,
Frequently I run into the following problem: the docked Pod is named xxx, but 
should be named Insert xxx. For example (see

Steps to Reproduce: 
1) For example the marker pod as docked from Insert > Marker 
2) Use any file containing markers, for example the MIF in my ZIP.
3) Issue search Marker - Any 
4) Open pod Markers (as it was docked to the right). 

Actual Result:
The pod does not display the current marker as it is selected by the search. 
I need to open another pod (View > Pods > Markers) to get the desired 
See FM-14-Markers.png in the ZIP.

Expected Result: 
Same behaviour as in FM-13: 
the Insert Marker Pod displays both the correct marker type and contents.
I do not need to open another Pod. See picture FM-13-Markers.png in the ZIP. 

The absolute minimum would be to name the Pods correctly according their 
function. As 
soon as they are docked, it is not known that they come from the menu Insert!

You may wish to comment/vote on my bug report FRMAKER-3793.

Klaus Daube             Phone:  +41-44-381 37 77
Schäracher 11           Mail:
CH-8053 Zürich          Web:


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