Hi Rick, 

the symbols U+201C and U+201D have to be used for the double quotes.
The problem you describe should not occur with FM 2017 (in my test,
everything was ok). 

Also, the quotes should be handled in way that they will be formatted
with the Chinese font (not the Latin font). 

Best regards -- Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

 Rick Quatro: 

> Hi Framers,
> I have a structured FrameMaker 2017 document that has been translated to 
> Simplified Chinese. Some of the cross-reference formats have double quotes in 
> them, like
> See "<$paratext>" on page <$pagenum>.
> The text has been translated but the quotes and building blocks are still 
> there. The problem is that with the Chinese there are sometimes line breaks 
> after the open quote and before the close quote, depending on where the 
> cross-reference falls on the line. For example, the close quote in the text 
> below is on the second line by itself instead of bring the whole quoted text 
> down with it.
> 燃油加注口盖。请参见第 97 页的 " 燃油加注
> "
> The same thing happens if an open quote falls as the end of the line; it 
> stays there and the rest of the quoted text moves to the next line. Is there 
> a way to prevent these line breaks? Thank you very much.
> Rick
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing Inc.
> r...@frameexpert.com
> 585-366-4017

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