Anyone else out there moved up to Frame 2017 yet and running in to issues?  
They seem to be compounding lately (although we are at a release cycle now).  I 
had tested out the software before we bought and applied any updated to the 
software, and I didn't see anything like the issues we are seeing now.  When we 
try to publish to a PS and then distill to a PDF file, we have issues with a 
pixel appearing after a paragraph that has auto-text with an overline applied 
to the auto-text.  And in the past week, books seem to keep re-setting to use 
"WebWorks Rasterizer" as the default printer even though they should not, and 
no one has manually changed anything.

We're also having a devil of a time with RoboHelp projects where settings have 
been valid for ten years, and are suddenly causing problems (but this is a 
Framemaker list, not a RoboHelp list).

So, anyone else out there with Frame 2017 issues??

-        V

Victoria J. Wroblewski
Technical Writer
NEC Enterprise Communication Technologies, Inc.


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