What if you rename the ChapterTitle tag to something else, such as Heading0?

Years ago I switched from ChapterTitle > Heading1 > Heading2 ... to
Heading1 > Heading2 ... because of some problem with the ChapterTitle

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 11:14 AM,  <tamm...@spectrumwritingllc.com> wrote:
> For a current project, I have 30 FM books that are converted to PDFs and
> then used to create a merged OLH system in ePub. There are links scattered
> throughout every file in every book that are inter-book links that are
> converted and maintained in the PDFs.  I have two paragraph tags called
> FileName_PDF and FileName_OLH. These tags have an autonumber format set to
> the name of the PDF file and the OLH TOC entry accordingly, for example,
> Objects. PDF and Objects, and the character tag is set to White.  I place
> these tags immediately after the ChapterTitle tag on the first page of very
> chapter/file in a book. Because they are white, the values do not show/are
> not visible in the chapter/file.
> In the text of files, for an inter-book, x-ref, I use two formats, w/ the
> format that uses the FileName_PDF conditionalized to Print_Only and the
> format that uses the FileName_OLH set to OLH_Only. These links are set to
> the following format:
> <Link>"<$paratext>" in <$paranum[FileName_PDF]>.
> <Link>"<$paratext>" in <$paranum[FileName_OLH]>.
> That way, in the PDF, the user will see something such as: For more
> information, see "Blah" in Objects.PDF, while in the OLH, the user will see
> something such as: For more information, see "Blah" in Objects.
> If the x-ref is to a Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, etc. tag, then the text
> is displayed as expected in the example above; however, if the x-ref is to a
> ChapterTitle, then I get only this: For more information, see "Blah" in < >
> and no matter what, the FileName_PDF value or the FileName_OLH value will
> not populate/be displayed, which makes no sense as these values are indeed
> in the chapter. I thought it had something to do w/ the fact that I was
> requesting to link just to paratext and so I even set up a test x-ref format
> like this:
> <Link>Chapter <$chapnum>, "<$paratext>," in <$paranum[FileName_PDF]>, but
> again, no joy.
> I am totally stumped. Why on earth would referencing a ChapterTitle
> paragraph prevent an autonumber value from being displayed in an x-ref? I
> must absolutely be able to reference a chapter title in this type of x-ref.
> Any and all thoughts are sincerely appreciated.

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