I just upgraded from FM12 to FM 14 as I have 4K monitors and FM12 is simply 
unusable on high res displays.

I like to work with many pods open, but find that I simply cannot with FM14, as 
the lag when moving the cursor with pods open is unbearable. As I close pods, 
the performance improves, but to get to the point where there is no lag means 
having at most 1 pod visible at any time.

None of my other applications scale so poorly with respect to resource usage.

It appears that every time you move the cursor, Frame tries to poll/update 
every visible pod.

Is there any way to make things more usable other than not displaying pods?

My workstation is a Dell Precision 5810 with dual Xeon processors and 64GB of 
RAM running Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit.

The only weak point in my system is the video card, which is an AMD FirePro 
4100, but it's pushing three 4K monitors and one 3K monitor simultaneously. 
Even set to 30Hz rather than 60Hz refresh rate, that's a lot of pixels to be 
pushing around.

Would upgrading the video card help in this regard, or are there other issues 
at play with how Frame updates the display?

Thanks in advance.


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