I work at a small company, and there are two of us who are using
FrameMaker. At the moment, we are both working on the same book; each of us
has about 6 chapters. This is the first time we've worked on the same book
at the same time.

The challenge we've run into is how to make the workflow easier when we
have to create cross-references from one chapter to another. Some of the
chapters will have cross-references to most of the other chapters in the
book. Is there a way to do this without modifying both Document A (which
has the cross-reference) Document B (the document the cross-ref is pointing
point to)? When I add a cross-ref from Document A to Document B, it looks
like FrameMaker inserts a cross-ref marker in Document B. If I don't save
that change to Document B and then update the book references later, do I
then have to manually fix the cross-reference? Maybe we're overlooking
something obvious--is there a better way to share files and work on

I should mention that the FrameMaker files are not on a network drive, as
our manager does not like that approach.

We would appreciate any recommendations for making this easier.


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