Hi Rick,

Taxes... What are those?

Anyway, I just did my part to help out (own eight now...)

Asking others to check out Rick's excellent utilities--they literally can
save days (weeks?) of work cleaning up sloppy templates.

David Creamer
IDEAS Training
ADOBE Authorized Instructor & Certified Expert since 1994
FrameMaker Certified since 1991, including structured XML
Online, on site, and classroom training

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Hi Framers,

I have a big tax bill coming up on the 15th so I decided to have a sale on
all of my FrameMaker solutions. Single licenses are all $19 each and site
licenses, including the source code, are $99 each. Each script works with
FrameMaker 10 and higher and does not require FrameScript. Now is a good
time to increase your FrameMaker productivity! Thank you very much.


Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.




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