Hello, Framers,
   First, my apologies. I did try to search both the Adobe site and the
   [framers] archives, but although plenty of similar questions, seemingly
   no definitive, likely-still-valid answers. So... I'm wanting to check
   on some FrameMaker files that I haven't used since I got a new Windows
   10 machine (actually, a Parallels VM on my Mac, but I think that fact
   irrelevant). So now I'm trying to figure out which updates I need.
   And why do I need updates? The dreaded tiny fonts, unmanageable
   windows/docking, and the like. I already tried setting the program's
   shortcut properties to Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling
   performed by System, which helped enormously, but not sufficiently.
   I believe that I initially installed Tech Comm Suite Update 1, based on
   what's showing in FrameMaker's Help > About FrameMaker: version (I simply copied my install files from my old PC to my new
   PC, so I'm not positive which version. But I am pretty sure that the
   "1" in means Update 1, based on the convention apparent in
   the chart at
   indows, where the third dot number seems to correspond to the updates.
   So here're the questions:
   1. Is there a separate Tech Comm Suite Update package or is the correct
   update just the individual FrameMaker Update
   Windows)? I actually don't care at the moment about any of the TCS
   components other than FrameMaker.
   I'm using a totally separately licensed Acrobat DC Pro, and I've never
   used RoboHelp, Captivate, etc. (I thought I would when I purchased TCS
   originally, but just never did.) I don't know if I'll want to use other
   TCS components sometime in the future, but it's not seeming all that
   likely (given my shift to static site generators and working for
   startups that don't want to tie themselves to an expensive authoring
   2. If I need a Tech Comm Suite 2015 Update, where can I find that?
   (Yes, I could use the updater, but I far prefer to have the actual
   downloaded file where I know it is, and to do the install via
   3. If I need the individual FrameMaker update instead, do I need to
   install updates 2, 3.1, 4, and 5, in turn, or can I just skip to Update
   4. Any other advice?


   1. https://supportdownloads.adobe.com/product.jsp?product=22&platform=Windows
   2. https://supportdownloads.adobe.com/product.jsp?product=22&platform=Windows

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