My trusty Windows 7 Enterprise ThinkPad is being retired by our IT group. 
In its place, I'm getting a brand spanking new Dell Windows 10 laptop. 

I've seen lots of horror stories lately about Windows 10 not treating 
various versions of FM kindly, including the pesky loss of the ability to 
Save as PDF if you have Acrobat (which I do, the DC version).

Before I let them pry the ThinkPad from my grubby little hands, is there 
anything I need to know about making the transition with FM12 to the Win10 
world? IT will handle porting over all of the software on my ThinkPad. I'm 
not worried about Win10, so much. I have it on my home computer and I like 
it. I'm more worried about what will happen with FM12, and I know that 
I'll get no help from Adobe Customer Support on this if things do go 

Tom Beiswenger
Project Manager, Manager IB Technical Documentation

Emhart Glass Inc. 
74 Kahler Road North ? Horseheads NY 14845 ? USA
Telephone 1 607 735 2551 ? Mobile +1 607 769 4779
Fax +1 607 735 2601
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