FrameMaker's dpi setting has no effect on the image.

If you have a 300x400 image set to 100 dpi, it will be 3" x 4" on the
page. If you change that to 200 dpi, it will be 1.5" x 2".

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> Subject: [Framers] Changing Resolution for all imported graphics
> Hi
> I am using Frame 2017
> I imported screen captures to the user guide (by reference).
> They were imported at resolution of 96%
> Now we want to change the resolution to 150%
> 1. Is there any way to automate this?
> 2. Can Object Properties be used for this?  The object properties seemed to 
> also fix definite dimensions as well as resolution, so did not seem suitable; 
> can this be overcome?

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