I want to create CSH for HTML5 in Frame

I have Frame 2017  (no robohelp)

I have used the help, as well as the Adobe FrameMaker forum and found all
the information about this.

I saw how to add the markers, use the h file etc.

The one thing is that not clear to me

What must I tell the programmers to call so that they get the correct help

Someone wrote in one of the threads on the forum that they must use


<mapid> = content of corresponding TopicAlias Marker.

However, this includes robohelp code

Is this correct for someone who is only using Frame?

I have searched everywhere but not found the correct info to give the
developers. I just need this missing link and we will be ready to go.

Is anyone making CSH for HTML5 from Frame (2015/2017 upwards) only?

Caroline Tabach
Technical/Marcom Writer
e-mail: caroline.tab...@gmail.com

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