Given that you have RoboHelp:

If this will be distributed as online help only, I'd create the doc in RoboHelp.

If you'll be single-sourcing to both online help and PDF, I strongly
recommend putting the source in FrameMaker and linking to RoboHelp.
It's a big time-saver to be able to see and fix bad page breaks while
you're editing. I couldn't find any Adobe documentation on how to link
(rather than import), so I created a sample project and a doc
explaining it:

With a significant percentage of users on phones, Responsive HTML is
most likely the output type you want.

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 12:32 PM Art Campbell <> wrote:
> Thank y'all for the help and suggestions so far!
> To clarify a few points:
>    - The application is a SaS, but more on the database reporting side of
>    things than providing a service
>    - Some dedicated workstations will be primary user's work stations, but
>    we expect a good percentage of people 30-40% to be using phones. Possibly
>    tablets, but less likely.
>    - We have FM 17 and will be single source authoring.
>    - We have Tech Comm Suite 17, so RoboHelp is available

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