To all,

After 18 years of serving as editor and publisher of a quarterly astronomy 
journal as a hobby ("pro bono"), I've decided to pass it on to others within 
the parent organization to produce. The organization consists of just under 400 
professional and serious other astronomers worldwide who are involved with 
Earth-based solar system observations. Astronomy has been my biggest outside 
interest since I was a youngster in the early 1960s. But now I wish to enjoy 
the hobby more by getting out with my own scopes and other paraphernalia to 
enjoy the night skies with others. Plus, I'm pushing age 70 in a few months.

In my position, I received and proofread the science papers after they were 
already peer-reviewed for correctness by subject matter experts, then used 
FrameMaker to perform the usual electronic layout and produce the journal 
itself as two different pdf files (one for placement on the organization's ftp 
site for downloading by the membership and another -- much larger -- pdf file 
for transmittal to an outside firm that prints and distributes the hard copy 

While I have secured another member of the organization to serve as editor, 
there is no one within the organization to do the production (that is, 
FrameMaker) side of things. Thus, I'm asking here if any of you would consider 
this position. 

First, knowledge about astronomy is NOT required. Second, we are prepared to 
pay a reasonable fee.

As stated above, the journal is released quarterly, with the first issue under 
the new personnel not due until December of this year.

Please contact me directly off-list so as not to clutter up things here. I will 
be glad to go into whatever excruciating detail interested persons want at that 
time and will be glad to direct them to the online location where the entire 
library of these journals can be found for their reference.
In case my email address doesn't show up correctly in the header of this email, 
I'm at

-- Ken in Atlanta


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