Hi John,

When there are bullets without content, then the paragraph mark
does not have the condition.
When this is at the end of a flow (in a table cell or at the end of the
main text flow), then add an empty paragraph without condition
after the paragraph with the condition.

You asked whether you can import regular expressions into other files.
I checked this and could import the regular expressions from another
Just use File | Import | Formats. Then select Conditional Text Settings.

Best regards


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Robert...I think this can work. I have to do some tweeks, like add a default 
condition for sections and files that don't have an owner yet so that I can 
exclude those sections from each "personal SME book build". I should be able to 
define 19 expressions, one for each content owner.

I also noticed that some tiny snippets got through. like some bullets without 
content, stuff like that. However, it has potential.

Question...I have a "RunBookTemplate" document where I define all of my styles, 
and when I define or modify a style, I make it in the template, then copy the 
appropriate formats to all the files in the book from the tempalte. Can I store 
my Expressions in that document and when I create a new document or add a new 
Expression, replicate the new or modified Expressions to the new document or 
all the documents in the book?

Anyway..thanks for the tip...I think this is going to work for me.

Thank you

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