What a great history of FM...I started out on Ventura Publisher, while
working for Xerox, who had purchased the software and didn't know squiddly
squat about it so, as someone who had gone NUTZ trying to find some way to
do process doc and software manuals without going postal, I set out to
learn it, then demoed, then moved to FrameMaker in about '92 as I recall.
Oh, and I agree with Word for DOS...I fought, kicking and screaming, when
the Windows versions came out. Still do in point of fact!


On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 3:49 AM Frank Stearns <fra...@pacifier.com> wrote:

> In 1990 or so I'd just completed migrating some 6000 pages of DEC RNO
> (with pieces of UNIX Troff tossed in) over to LaTeX for my primary
> client of the day (Aptec Systems, a Floating Point Systems spin-off
> who made high-speed I/O computers. We're talking large fractions of a
> million dollars systems (multi-millions for the "big" systems) whose
> then fantastic bus speeds are today dwarfed by that $500 laptop at
> Best Buy or Walmart.)

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