Very true, Dan. So the quick way to delete all extra elements (like empty 
graphic tool text boxes) AND altered master pages is to click in the margin of 
the page, select all on the blank body page and then delete everything. Then 
View>Master page, then back to the body page via View>Body Page, then from the 
Page Layout Warning window select Remove Overrides. This will ensure you have a 
standard Master Page with the given name.


Additionally, even if a page has a default master page applied, if it has had 
the main text flow dimensions altered in any way, e.g., previously dragging it 
slightly long to allow a cumbersome footnote or other element, that will 
prevent the page from being autodeleted. Technically, I suppose it is then no 
longer using a default master page, but it's easy to miss that simply changing 
an aspect of the text flow would cause the master page to no longer be 
considered default when you didn't consciously change the applied master page.



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