Dear all,
Has anybody of You ever used the FrameMaker Project feature?

I try to use the Project feature in FM 15 and encounter a frustrating behaviour:

*   There is no Open > Project. I need to open the project file in the file 
*   Using Open and the set the type selection to FrameMaker Project does not 
yield any 
*   There is no means to create a new folder (to put in various stuff) if there 
    already Locations defined. If I just use the Create Folder button then the 
    is created in currently selected location (if locations exist, one is 
*   Even in a yet empty project it is not possible to define such a folder, the 
    Add Folder is inactive then.
*   The only means to create such a folder is editing the xml file while the 
    window is closed (see the first location)
*   Adding an asset by Add Location and then using the Browse button to find 
    directory in question always shows the same folder ($HOME) as a starting 
point- and 
    I need to navigate through the whole system to find what I want.

With all these shortcomings it is my impression that nobody has used this 

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