Hi Caroline,

The features which you list are not in Acrobat Reader.
Therefore you would have to buy a licence or subscription.
FrameMaker comes only with an add-on which can create
PDFs from your FrameMaker files.

Here are comparisons of the different versions:

Best regards


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I have Frame 2017 on my system and Acrobat Pro DC, as part of Creative suite.

For some reason, IT have decided to remove the Acrobat (and creative suite)

1. Will I still be able to create PDF files, or will they have to reinstall 
Frame in order to be able to use the built in PDF in Frame?

2. What won't I be able to do to PDF files if I only have the version that 
comes with Frame?

I currently add password protection to files, make numbering of pdf match file 
numbering, extract pages, edit files.

What functionality will I be losing?


Caroline Tabach 

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