IIRC there's a way to expose the information in links within a PDF. Perhaps
the "missing link" to the failure can be found there. Unfortunately, I've
forgotten how to do that magic.

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 11:39 AM Rick Quatro <r...@rickquatro.com> wrote:

> What version of FrameMaker are you using? If you have the PDF Setup dialog
> box, make sure you check the "Create Named Destinations for All Elements
> and
> Paragraphs" checked in the Links tab of the dialog box.
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> Subject: [Framers] X-ref issue: FM links that work in the FM file but don't
> work in the PDF file that is generated from it
> Greetings,
> A cross-reference problem has cropped up in FM-to-PDF generation.
> Links that work in an FM file (i.e., when you double click on a link,
> clicking the resulting "Go to Source" button jumps you to the correct
> source) do NOT always work when the file is converted to PDF.
> This means that to check the validity of x-refs, you cannot rely on the FM
> file but have to search the PDF file.
> (Needless to say, this is extremely tedious...) I suspect that the
> phenomenon is caused by a combination of conditional text and X-ref markers
> that have somehow been perverted but what I don't understand is why FM
> doesn't (or can't) identify the perverted links as "bad links".
> If you have any ideas, TIA,
> Barry Meislin

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