Hi Barry,

a valid xref will always produce a link in PDF - unless (at the time of 
creating the pdf) the xref target can not be found - or the xref points to a 
file that’s not part of the current book.

Best way to find broken links is to set the conditions for the whole book (as 
you need to have for the pdf), do an update and than do a search for 
'unresolved cross references'. Or (depending on the FM vesion you have) open 
(all) the files and use the Cross-Reference pod, filter on External Cross 
references or Unresolves Cross References. This will give a nice overview.

Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel

> Op 15 mei 2020, om 22:02 heeft framers-requ...@lists.frameusers.com het 
> volgende geschreven:
>> Links that work in an FM file (i.e., when you double click on a link, 
>> clicking the resulting "Go to Source" button jumps you to the correct
>> source) do NOT always work when the file is converted to PDF.


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