You are not hallucinating Craig, I have observed this behaviour many times before.

If you're using Windows Explorer to add files in to a FrameMaker book:
a. select the View > Details menu item in Windows Explorer, and click the "Name" column header to sort by the file names
b. use a mouse to click and select files
c. hover over the first file in the selection, then click and drag this range of files in to the FrameMaker book

If you're using the FrameMaker Insert > Files... menu item / "Add files to book" dialog:
i. select the range of files
ii. click the "Name" column header to sort by the file names in REVERSE sort order
iii. click Add button

NOTE: If you use FrameMaker Structured books, I have observed some occasions where dragging files to sort the order of the files in the book will cause the Structure View window to get the files in the structure branch completely inverted.  When this happens, additional book operations can cause FrameMaker to crash.

On 21/05/2020 17:12, Craig Ede wrote:
Well, I must have been hallucinating because in the copy of FM10 I happen to 
have on this computer, adding a selected group of files results in a reverse 
numerical order adding of the files no matter how you select them in the Add 
Files to Book dialog.
Ex. Files are added in this order: Test4-fm,,, no 
matter the order of selection.
That seems really arbitrary to me.



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